Many businesses do not realize the power an online review can have on sales. But approximately 90% of all customers indicate they read reviews before they make a purchase. Online reviews are influential and can mean a sale. Most businesses do not have strategies in place for obtaining reviews or even for managing their online reputation which is key to acquiring customer reviews. We understand the power of the review and know that they have a major impact on important things like:

  • Your site’s rank in local search engines
  • Actual clicks on search results
  • Consumer’s final decision about a purchase

Positive online reviews are a critical part of your marketing strategy. Business owners know the power of a referral and making sure your business gets positive online reviews is built in to our marketing strategy. This lets potential customers know you are doing something right and that your customers were happy enough with your services to tell others about their experience.

Why are reviews important? Reviews, along with a business rating are huge conversion factors and they are influential for encouraging users to click through to your website. A search result that has a rating of 4.5 stars and shows more reviews than competitors provides social proof of your site, product or service being trustworthy and reputable. This makes users comfortable clicking through to your site.

Consumers tend to trust online reviewsStudies have shown nearly 90% of internet users trust opinions they read in online reviews. Even though reviews come from anonymous users, they are genuine and offer more detailed information in most cases. Many people trust reviews more than they trust their friend’s opinions.

Consumers tend to trust businesses more if they have good reviewsNearly 75% of online customers say a positive review makes them trust the business more. Their thinking is that if others had a good experience with a transaction with the business, they are likely to have a good experience as well.